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Rev. Hunter: ‘Black pastors who take $ from GOP are traitors’

Rev. Hunter

By Chinta Strausberg

Black ministers who take money from Republicans to stir controversy by spreading seeds of division and confusion are traitors, said Reverend Marvin Hunter, pastor of Grace Memorial Baptist Church.

He also weighed in on the controversial migrant issue, saying Mayor Brandon Johnson, like the previous mayor, is dealing the hand dealt him, and that Blacks don’t dislike the migrants, rather they do not like the system that puts Blacks at the bottom rung of this society.

Further weighing in on the controversial migrant issue, Hunter added that he doesn’t believe some Black people hate migrants; rather it is the unfair system that has left African Americans behind in this society.

In an interview with the Chicago Crusader, Hunter said, Blacks “hate the fact that the system is broke and hate the fact that the people in charge are not fixing it.”


Once Blacks are educated about what is really going on, Hunter believes “we will do the right thing. We always have done the right thing. We built this country twice. They burned it down, and we rebuilt it again.

“We worked for seven generations for no pay, and instead of going to flat out war past the Civil War,” Hunter said many years later “we cried because we got our first Black president in 2008,” referring to President Barack Obama.

On the migrants, Hunter said, “I approve of the right for a human being to have a place to live and food to eat. I don’t believe Mayor Johnson or Governor Pritzker should wear the jacket of this migrant situation because it happened long before them.”

For those who claim to be here in America for decades and still don’t have a green card, Hunter questioned if they went through the process or if the system rejected their request. “I do know there are a lot of people who come here with visas or green cards, and they just disappear into the fabric of America. As long as they don’t get in trouble, don’t nobody bother them.”

“I question the people hollering about they ain’t doing nothing for us. Why weren’t they hollering about homelessness before the migrants came here? We had homeless people all the time, and they weren’t protesting. I am suspicious of that,” Hunter said.


“There is an argument to be made on both sides. I can see if they are nervous about the agendas of these people. That’s
a good thing, and they’re right, but if you are arguing just because somebody from the Republican Party is paying you to raise this issue, then you are un-American and it’s treasonous,” said Hunter.

“We are a resilient, loving people, “but we’ve got to learn the difference between people who want legitimate change, who legitimately care about democracy and the Constitution of the United States, and people who are just getting paid to raise hell for the sake of raising hell.”

After rejecting a request from other Black ministers to join them in backing Republican candidates, Hunter came out strongly against those ministers who took money from Republicans. He explained why the GOP continues to court Blacks for support, especially when an African American is running for office.

Asked if he believes some African Americans are being paid to support Republicans to raise hell, Hunter responded, “I absolutely do.” When asked why Blacks would do that, Hunter explained, “because the Donald Trump narrative, the Republican agenda cannot do it in and of itself. They have to have spies, double agents, and agitators,” he said, to cloud the issue and create confusion and voter apathy.

Hunter’s remarks come on the heels of Black conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder who on Thursday, October 26, bowed out of the presidential race and passionately endorsed Trump.


In a statement, Elder said, “He is dropping out of the presidential race after making a “careful consideration and consultation” with his campaign team to endorse Trump, whom he credits with being “instrumental in advancing conservative America-first principles and policies that have benefited our great nation.”

In pushing for unity to defeat President Biden, Elder, who unsuccessfully ran against California Governor Gavin Newsom, hopes Trump will focus on issues dear to him like the “epidemic” of fatherlessness, fighting crime, a two-tiered system of justice, advocating for school choice, and opposition to the notion that America is racist.

“The reality of it is the Democratic National Convention is coming to Chicago in less than a year,” explained Hunter. “There is no city or town in the U.S., including in Alaska and Hawaii, that can handle the number of migrants that Chicago is receiving.”

Reminded that Pritzker asked why the Texas governor kept sending busloads of migrants to blue Democratic cities that have Black mayors, Hunter disagreed. “Right here in the state of Illinois, the migrants never stop on the red side of Illinois.”

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