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BLACK CARD: When You Have Your Moses Moment, You will Grow Silence as a Tool for Coping and Growth

Have you ever experienced a moment when words seem to lose their power, and silence becomes the most eloquent response? There are times when silence can speak volumes, and mastering the art of silent communication is an important life skill that can shape our relationships, our decision-making process, and even our self-perception. Sometimes, not responding with words but just being silent or listening can diffuse tension. In those moments, silence isn’t about winning or losing an argument; it’s about understanding and respect.

Just recently I was moved to silence when close ally(s) and colleagues only reaches me when there was a need yet I never got any other responses or engagement on any other issues sacred to me. I was only engaged when my ‘gifts” were needed. It can fuel great disappointment in others. I am experiencing health matters in my fa BUT they can fully share their dilemmas and seek my help without hesitation.  

My grandmother, Lucille “Big Mama” Allen, was the source of wisdom and faith in our family. She often said, “When you have your Moses Moment, you will grow.” She knew this truth well, drawing inspiration from the biblical story of Moses spending 40 days and nights in silence with God to find strength.

The silence experience demonstrates how choosing not to retaliate with words can transform a hostile situation. It’s a clear reminder that we have the option to pause before we speak or react, allowing us to navigate difficult conversations more effectively. In these moments, silence isn’t about winning or losing an argument; it’s about understanding and respect.

Sometimes, you stumble upon perspectives fueled by ignorance more than knowledge. Just check the current political landscape and you will see multiple examples. Rather than throwing yourself against a brick wall, silence can be your ladder over it. In the face of ignorance, silence can be a strategic choice, preserving your energy and mental well-being for a better victory. 


Silence is a potent tool to navigate challenging conversations, exercising control, maintaining respect, encouraging understanding, and fostering healing. In the spirit of Big Mama’s wisdom, I encourage you to share your own “Moses moments”  when silence led to personal growth and understanding. Let us learn from one another, for in the silence, we find strength and wisdom to face life’s challenges with grace and resilience.Share your story with me at – Thanks Big Mama. 

Terry Allen is an NABJ award- winning Journalist, DEI expert, PR professional and founder of the charity – Vice President at FocusPR, Founder of City Men Cook and Dallas Chapter President of

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Terry Allen is an award-winning media professional, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of City Men Cook and 1016 Media. Reach him at


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