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Twitter Reacts To White Substitute Wearing Black Teacher’s AKA Jacket

Teacher's AKA Jacket
Photo: Getty Images

By Jovonne Ledet

A white substitute teacher has sparked backlash after she appeared to wear another teacher’s AKA jacket in a photo that’s gone viral.

On Thursday (September 28), a social media user shared a photo of the sub sporting a letterman jacket for Alpha Kappa Alpha organization, the oldest Greek-letter organization for African American college women.

“Y’all why i’m in class and we got a sub and she gon grab our teacher’s AKA jacket and put it on and then we tryna explain to her and tell her to take it off and SHE WONT DO IT LMFAOOOO,” the user captioned the photo on X, formerly Twitter.

In a second photo, the social media user showed her shocked expression seemingly directed toward the sub’s actions.

Social media users were quick to call out the sub for wearing the coveted letters. Some pointed out that the substitute shouldn’t be wearing another teacher’s clothes, while others called out the “disrespect” of a non-member wearing an AKA jacket.

See their reactions below.

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