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Hometown Heroes

Cheryl Smith and Ella Goode Johnson
Cheryl Smith and Ella Goode Johnson

Corey Borner (Motivational Speaker/Founder, Find A Way Foundation)
Chris Rayson (Entrepreneur/Professional Visual Artist)
Cheryl Smith (Publisher/Veteran Journalist)
Ray Schufford (Retired Firefighter/Motivational Speaker/Founder, 2TheNextshift)
Dr. K.C. Fox (Social Justice Advocate/Professor/Author/Tech Entrepreneur)
Keio Gamble (Entrepreneur/Author/TedX Speaker)
Carlton Dixon (Founder, ReVeal Suits)
Ron Holland II (Duncanville HS All-American/Most Decorated Player in Texas HS
Basketball History)
Akil Simpson (Former College & Pro Athlete/City of Dallas Parks & Rec)
Tamika Catchings (Duncanville All-American/Tennessee All-American/WNBA All-Star)

Comeback Athlete Of The Yea

Sha’Carri Richardson

(Women’s 100M WORLD CHAMPION/Comeback Athlete of the Year)



The 2023 NBA Draft Class Featured 8 Players From DFW aka The Basketball Mecca:


Anthony Black Duncanville HS c/o 2022
(Duncanville All-American/6th overall pick in the 2023
NBA Draft by the Orlando Magic)
Cason Wallace Richardson HS c/o 2022
(Drafted 10th overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft (DAL traded to OKC)
Keyonte George Lewisville HS Alum
(Drafted 16th overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft by the UTAH Jazz)
Marcus Sasser Jr Red Oak HS c/o 2019
(Drafted 25th overall pick i by the Det Pistons)
Jordan Walsh Oak Cliff Faith Family Academy Alum
(Drafted 38th overall pick by the Boston Celtics)
Jalen Wilson Denton Guyer HS c/o 2019
(KU Legend/National Champion/Big12 POY/ 51st overall pick by the Brooklyn Nets)
Mike Miles Jr Lancaster HS c/o 2020
(Lancaster HS, TxMrBB ’20, TCU star; Signed with Dallas Mavericks)
Drew Timme Richardson Pearce HS c/o 2019
(Rich Pearce; Gonzaga All- time leading Scorer; Signed with Milwaukee Bucks)

Hometown Heroes VIP Celebrities

Terrance Jackson (Host/Emcee)
Dr. Ben Tankard (Godfather of GospelJazz)
Porsha Bunch-Hall (Film director/producer/actress/philanthropist
Antoinette Titus (In The Spirit Entertainment)
King McClure (ESPN College Basketball Analyst)
SupaUnit (CEO, Trill Entertainment)
Constable Eddie Brown (Dallas County Constable)
Honorable Judge Nancy Mulder (Dallas County Criminal Court #4)

Hometown Heroes Celebrity Ballers


Team DFW

Jordan Williams
King McClure
Jerrell Hastings
Talance Sawyer
Shawn Echols
John Bohannon
Cyeair The Celebrity Hooper
Damarcus Wilson
Demarco Tillman

Team Triple D

Celebrity Coaches: Akil Simpson, Corey Borner

Kevin Rogers
DK Eldridge
Keio Gamble
Nic Codie
Dillon Battie
Montreal Scott
Jason Siggers
Jabari Johnson


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