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On Watergate Anniversary Black Folk Should Ask! Where the Hell is Frank Wills?

Editor’s Note: Thomas Muhammad joined the ancestors on August 15, 2022. This was the last column that he filed, although he said he had a few he was working on. We are glad to be able to share his words with you, as we prepare to celebrate his life today at 11 am at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters in Dallas.

By Thomas Muhammad

Thomas Ali Muhammad END

There’s a lot of talk lately about the Watergate anniversary of the 1970s and most of the lawyers, the reporters, the white policemen and even the convicted scoundrels families are speaking up! 

But I’ve yet to hear anything about brother Frank Wills? 

I remember vividly protesting, along with other students in high school, calling for answers about the brother. We ultimately never got an answer! 

But still I’d like to know! 

Brother Wills, as many probably remember, but even more don’t, was the public security guard who caught the Watergate burglars, becoming a major news story for the Washington Post; and eventually a movie! 

Of course we keep seeing Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein take all the credit, along with other white folks who are still alive today. 

So, as we look back 50 years since the break-in gained national attention, Brother Wills has since died. Broke and divorced, there is no one around to tell his side of the story and that’s too bad because everyone else is cashing in! 

Had it not been for this brother there wouldn’t have been a story, right? 

But we gotta keep asking for history’s sake! 

That’s my belief! 

Hell, one day, we might just get an answer. 

Until then the struggle continues…..

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