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DPD Issues Changes to Protest Protocol

DPD Issues Changes to Protest Protocol

By Ashley Moss
Staff Writer

Dallas Police Chief U. Reneé Hall has issued new guidelines to ensure that peaceful protests continue peacefully in the city. In an updated general order recently issued, Hall noted several changes to the department’s policies towards protests, including restrictions on the use of tear gas and other projectiles, like pepper balls. Chief Hall’s order will dramatically limit the use of these tools in future peaceful protest situations.

The Chief did distinguish that criminal acts and attacks on people could warrant tear gas with approval. In a statement, Chief Hall noted: “SWAT must continue to have reasonable and necessary tools in its continuum of force options. There will now be limits on their appropriate use. They can be used to control violence but not peaceful demonstrations.”

The Dallas Police Department began making changes in June, and is not the only one making changes—police departments all across the country are re-examining their use of tools often used to subdue protestors, commonly known as “kinetic impact projectiles.” DPD deployed these tools during the Dallas protests in early June.

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