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Buy Black Business Spotlight:  ScratchMeNot


Parenting can be a roller coaster. The ups of your baby’s laughter, smiles, and sweet little fingers and toes are followed by the downs of colic, teething, and, for us, scratching. If you are experiencing your baby getting no relief from itching and scratching their delicate skin and visits to the doctor didn’t provide the help you needed. Try ScratchMeNot is a “flip mitten” that would open and close, keeping your baby safe during scratching moments. ScratchMeNot using the highest quality fabrics I could find, like organic bamboo and cotton, that would be soft against delicate baby skin but also stand up to lots of wear and tear and washing. For more info visit the website: They are open Mon-Fri 10 am-5 pm  CST.

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