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MY TRUTH: Singing that same tune

Have you ever started to do something and then stopped because you suddenly feel stupid as hell?

Well, welcome me to your club!

Today I feel totally stupid because here I go again, singing the same song and trying to get different results.

Didn’t someone say that what I am doing is the definition of insanity?

Somewhere inside of me, I believe that one day, some day, any day; I will achieve the desired results.


I’ve begged, argued, urged, cajoled, and almost bribed. I’ve tried to shame and even asked what I could do to get what I want. There were also times I provided a history lesson, in hopes that a lightbulb would go off.

Unfortunately while there were times that I smiled broadly with optimism, there were also times that I seriously wanted to cry.

It’s simple.

I just wanted every eligible voter to exercise that important right.

Which brings me to my truth


There’s one thing I tried not to do and that was finger point. Playing the blame game was not going to bring anyone over to my side or make them embrace my way of thinking.

And I feel sorry for the politicians who are honest, sincere and really working to make this world a better place.

There they were, working tirelessly day in and day out and come election time they still had to darn near beg people for campaign donations and their votes

And those elected officials are constantly under scrutiny and sometimes unfair criticism.

Now let’s stay focused. I’m well aware that there are some elected officials that are deserving of scrutiny, criticism and even jail time. And they are definitely undeserving of any campaign contributions. Still some those crooks get votes also.


And that’s not right!

So therein lies the value of and the power of the vote..

That vote is so important as you choose between right and wrong; good and bad; two good candidates; or, sadly, the lesser of two evils.

I could go on and on, citing reasons for voting.

I don’t want to give up and surrender to apathy and disinterest.


Voting determines everything — our very existence.

Some things, sadly, you have to learn on your own.

Take it from me, though. The result of not voting is an experience that you can learn from others’ mistakes by looking at history.

History has shown us that voting does matter!

And, I. Am. Not. Crazy!

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