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MY TRUTH: Worthy of Celebrating

This is a significant time in my life and while there has been much to celebrate, there have been some tumultuous times, as well.

During the past decade there have been births and deaths, joy and pain, love and happiness.

Which brings me to my truth. Ten years ago, I was broached about purchasing two newspapers.

At first, I said I wasn’t interested, but after careful consideration and talks with folks who put their money where their mouths are and gave sound advice and support ; I made the choice and stepped up to utilize the business degree that I received last century.

That business degree, along with my journalism degree from Florida A&M University, and years of training and experience equipped me with what I needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Texas Metro News first began publishing in August 2012, along with the Garland Journal; and joining the digital publication, I Messenger.

The goal then, as it is today, is to proactively address issues and also provide balanced coverage and analyses of news and events.

We wanted to be like the forerunners of the Black Press, telling the stories of Black people from birth to death, from the rooter to the tooter.

We hoped that the people, those muted voices, would see us as the vehicle for telling about the newborns, the job promotions, graduations, marriages, and yes deaths — of which we were counting on funeral homes to help with. After all when people ask us for a funeral home, we send Black people to Black-owned funeral homes!

The Texas Metro News’ mission is to inform, educate, enlighten, inspire, entertain, educate and empower, by providing thought-provoking news, photos, videos, stories and commentary.

We also produce podcasts, radio and television programming and we’re hosts of or sponsors of numerous community events.

We proudly proclaim that, “we go where the people are.”

That’s because we don’t wait for you to come looking for us.

And this was especially evident when COVID 19 hit. Instead of scaling back, we ramped up so that we could be there for YOU!

Texas Metro News is published weekly on Thursdays and is distributed to an extensive list of social media sites, media lists and the Texas Metro News database, as well as to several distribution points across the state; and, the daily digital newsletter — that you can subscribe to today at

I Messenger is also published weekly on Fridays and the Garland Journal is biweekly and/or on-demand.

We’ve won numerous awards and we will continue striving for excellence.

In addition to providing scholarships, fellowships and internships, we have provided a training ground for aspiring journalists and other professions; while also starting a youth section!

Through partnerships with other organizations like the Dallas Morning News, The Haitian Times, Black News Link, HBCU Sports, NABJ, UNT and the National Newspaper Publishers Association; we have provided better coverage and support. And, we’re working harder to do more for YOU! We hope we have earned your trust and support.

Thanks for taking this journey with us!

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