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Remembering a WARRIOR!

Thomas Ali Muhammad

Thomas Ali Muhammad

Salam. [‏إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون] “To Allah we belong, and to Him we shall return.”

We regret to inform you that our beloved brother and longtime community member *Thomas Ali Muhammad* has passed away early this morning. May Allah shower him with mercy and forgiveness, and admit him into the highest station in Paradise. Amen.

We will hold his funeral prayer [صلاة الجنازة] at Duncanville Islamic Center Tuesday, August 16 after Dhuhr prayer, which will be at 1:45 pm, in sha Allah.

Burial [الدفن] will take place after prayers at the Islamic Gardens in Laureland Cemetery, in sha Allah.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: [من صلى على جنازة فله قيراط ، ومن انتظرها حتى توضع في اللحد فله قيراطان ، والقيراطان مثل الجبلين العظيمين] “The one who prays the funeral prayer, he earns a qeeraat of reward; and he who stays until the burial is completed, he earns two qeeraat of reward. And the amount of qeeraat is like two great mountains.” (an-Nisaa’i)

This message is from the Duncanville Islamic Center.

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