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By Kendall Gayle Washington

Be the change
Photo credit: Maya Palavali

What do you want to be when you grow up? This very simple, yet challenging question is hung over children’s heads starting in Pre-K.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a performer, and trust me I still do. Entertaining people and putting a smile on others’ faces is what makes me happy.

At the same time, when I was in elementary school, I would pretend I was a teacher and give assignments to my parents.

I think that’s why I enjoyed school. I wanted to have the same effect on people my teachers had on me. Every year, when it was time for my physical exam, my pediatrician would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

For several years running, I said I wanted to be a lawyer. I personally do not remember saying that, but it was written down in my charts. My parents always said I would be a great lawyer because I never stop fighting for what I believe in, which remains true till this day.

In between wanting to be a lawyer and a teacher, I wanted to be the President of the United States.

Not only did I see it within myself, but also did many of my classmates. Never say never, but I am not so sure about being president now.

In middle school, I was passionate about being a cardiothoracic surgeon. I used to watch live surgeries in class to prepare for my residency, then after watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” I changed my mind.

The point I am making is my whole life, even though my passions changed, I always knew that I wanted to be successful.

I knew then, and I know now I want to make a difference in others’ lives. In just a year, I will be able to vote, but I can always use my voice.

Gen-Z tends to forget one day we will be the adults, and it is up to us to lead our country.

We as people often like to complain about what is going on, instead of creating a solution. To see the change, we must be the change.

I honestly cannot tell you where I will be in five years. All I know is I will be empowering others to create change.

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