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Dallas County Raises COVID-19 Risk Level Midsummer

By Asia Nicole Alcorn
Managing Editor

Credit : Tyler Dalbora via Flickr

On April 9 2020, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson announced the start of the Task Force on COVID-19 Economic Recovery. Johnson named the former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Richard W. Fisher, as Chairman of the Task Force.

Along with Fisher and Johnson, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Adam McGough, and Councilmember Casey Thomas, II, were to serve as the City’s inaugural representatives on the Task Force.

However, on May 1 2020, Mayor Johnson and Task Force Chairman, Richard W. Fisher announced some changes within the Task Force committee.

Fisher introduced The Beck Group’s CEO, Fred Perpall, as his co-chair.

Johnson reported he, and his two ad hoc COVID-19 committee chairs, Adam McGough and Casey Thomas, II, would no longer be members of the Task Force.

According to Yolanda Miller, the Dallas City Council’s Assistant, the Task Force on COVID-19 Economic Recovery, led by Chairman Richard W. Fisher, has been “dissolved by Mayor Johnson.”

As a result of his removal in May, Councilman Casey Thomas, II formed the African American Task Force for COVID-19 in July 2020.

Councilman Thomas’ African American Task Force for COVID-19 had several meetings in 2021, but not this year.

Mayor Johnson’s resolution, along with the lack of meetings per Councilman Thomas, may affect many within the community, considering Dallas County raised its COVID-19 Risk Level to yellow last week.

It’s been two years since the pandemic began, and sadly, we’re still in it. However, COVID-19 shouldn’t ruin your summer plans. There are safe ways to have fun, and here’s some tips to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection:

  • Consider getting you and your family members vaccinated if you haven’t already. Children 6 months and up are now able to receive Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines.
  • Wear your mask indoors and outdoors. COVID-19 is an airborne virus, and it can spread quickly. Always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Always make sure you have extra supplies on deck. This includes wipes, hand sanitizer, masks and plastic bags to store your trash in.
  • Wash your hands and or sani tize regularly. And keep some hand lotion so they stay moisturized!
  • Choose short road trips over traveling by plane. Many airlines no longer require wearing masks, which could put you and your family at risk.
  • If you plan on having a large gathering, make sure activities are outdoors. This will allow more room for social distancing, too.
  • Always choose curbside, drive-thru or other non-contact delivery instead of dining in. Or better yet, you can make/bring your own meals!
  • Keep tabs on the areas you’re traveling to. If you notice an increase in infection rates, maybe you should consider changing plans.
  • If you want to keep cool, try using the sprinklers or a backyard pool instead of going
  • to a community pool. This will minimize the number of people you come into contact with.
  • Consider purchasing some at-home COVID-19 test kits. This will be a lifesaver, especially if someone in your household is experiencing symptoms. And they only take fifteen minutes!
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