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From Marva with Love: Dr. Sharkakang Zoolo Kang

By Marva Sneed
Editorial Assistant

On From Marva with Love, I interviewed Dr. Sharkakang Zoolo Kang. Dr. Kang is a Shaman, a healer, an herbalist and naturalist. Dr. Kang is a naturopathic doctor. He was born into a family of healers and naturopathic doctors in Cameroon in 1982. He has spent decades studying the plants and herbs of North, South and Central America, Africa Indian, Chines, Arabic and world medicine.

Dr. Kang started as a child, healing animals, mixing herbs. He is blessed with the gift of telepathic clairvoyance to see visions. He is so special and a gift to mankind. Dr. Kang came to the United States, a self-educated man, diagnosed with asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. After unsuccessful treatments with conventional doctors and traditional western medicine, he gave up everything and embarked on a 30-day fasting and spiritual journey, it was on this journey that he said the spirit of his ancestors (grandfather) began to remind him how to heal himself and go back to nature.

MS: Dr. Kang, tell us a little background about yourself and Grandpa’s Secret?

Dr. K: Yes, as you say I’m a Shaman, a healer, a doctor of natural medicine. I have developed over 2,000 and something formulas. I have written five books, I have three inventions that I’m working on now. I’ve just developed another formula. I’m working on a natural male birth control.


MS: So you have developed over 2,000 formulas, do they address all types of illnesses?

Dr. K: They address a lot of different illnesses. We have to understand that there is one cause of illness and it is inflammation mucus. When you have a lot of mucus concentrated in your prostate, you’re told you have prostate issues.

When you have a lot of mucus in your lungs you may have bronchitis or they have asthma. So it’s depending on where the mucus is concentrated. It’s not rocket science. Look at nature, take a baby cat or rat most of these animals, they don’t have the problems that we are having.

So most animals do not die of disease they die of natural old age. Every animal has a specific diet. So you ask most human beings what is the right food for humans, I’ve never heard anyone who actually answered that question. If we don’t know what food is right for the human body then we are bound to get what you call disease and that simply means the body is not at ease.

My grandfather was a Shaman and people came from all over the world and he was able to help them with things just by observing nature. One thing he advised me of was that I should grow old and not become an educated fool.


He said nature is your best teacher. Just observe nature. Whatever problems you have in the human body nature can fix it. Grandfather would talk about drought. “You see that bald person over there they are experiencing drought in their body.”

There was so much more in my interview with Dr. Kang. For the full interview, go to and click on “From Marva with Love.” To learn more about Dr. Kang’s Grandpa’s Secret go to

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