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Cedar Hill reigns at Florida A&M

Cedar Hill reigns at Florida A&M

By Arianna Reamey
Special to Texas Metro News from the FAMUAN

Living up to peers’ expectations may be more complicated than it may seem for current Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) King of Orange and Green Sidney Fleeks. “Same titles, similar crowns, but different reigns,” Fleeks said. The 2019-2020 King of Orange and Green is serving up school spirit but in a new and fun fashion.

Aside from his position on the FAMU Royal Court, Fleeks is a senior public relations major who is also the CEO of his own multi-media agency, Street Culture Media.

“I use my public relations skills and efforts to help share our beloved FAMU experience with others. Through my reign I want to make Rattler spirit a national phenomenon,” he said.

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During his campaign, one of Fleeks’ main platform points was called “Advance Broadcast.” Through this initiative he plans to create a web series that highlights not only the HBCU experience, but the FAMU experience. In turn Rattlers will be given the chance to showcase their talents, as well as tackle real issues.

“I want to utilize my platform to bridge the gap between student leaders and students. I want to be transparent with students to show them that I am a real person too. In addition, I never want the student body to ever feel like they can’t come to me and talk to me,” said Fleeks. “The only difference between the Sid from freshman year and now is a haircut and a title.”

Differences between Fleeks’ and his predecessor leave some on campus with a little bit of getting used to. Students still have to get used to different forms of spirit.

Former Miss Junior Attendant, Kamiah Millner, said, “With being on the court with Mark, I have seen and appreciated what he did for the student body.

This year, I love to see the new approach Sid has brought to his title. He has redefined what it means to make your reign yours.”

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“I would let Sid know that king or not, student comes first so take care of yourself and make sure you’re at a good place so that you can be the best king you can be for your classmates,” said Mark Nicolas, the 2018-2019 King of Orange and Green. Fleeks understands. “Comparison is the thief of joy. I’m my own king. My personal legacy started when I won my title as the first write-in candidate ever for King of Orange and Green,” he said.

Arianna Reamey is a senior public relations major from Detroit, MI. She has interned with Ignition Media Group and The Allen Lewis Agency. She has held several leadership positions in oncampus organizations and is currently interning at VISIT FLORIDA.

Sidney Fleeks attended Cedar Hill (TX) High School. A Public Relations major with a creative vision for photography and art. Event planning chair for various organizations throughout the campus. He is seeking a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Relations and wants to become a publicist and or event planner.

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