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MY TRUTH: Who’s responsible for repressive voter laws?

Getting out the vote is in the best interest of all elected officials, especially those in the Democratic Party.

During a recent voter education and mobilization fo- rum, sponsored by the Dallas Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., it was pointed out that when there is a huge voter turnout at the polls, Democratic candidates have a better chance of securing victories.

Which brings me to my truth!

If you weren’t registered to vote by January 31, 2022; then you can’t vote in the March 1, 2022 primary election.

Please don’t think I am letting you off the hook, though!

Just because you don’t have a voter registration card does not mean you can’t work campaigns, polls or voter education programs;

Just because you may have a criminal background, does not mean you can’t participate by encouraging others to vote and donating to campaigns;


Just because you aren’t on the ballot or you don’t have an opponent, you definitely don’t get a pass!

Every darned election, you should be out working like your life depends on it because it does; just as those lives of your descendants and future generations are equally affected.

We’ve seen what happens when there’s low voter turnout.

When it’s a presidential election the turnout is so much higher than during midterm elections.

Voters fail to realize that those they vote in during the presidential election need reinforcements that come during the midterm election.

Also, if you stay home during the midterm election, you could be setting the stage for a very disappointing presidential election next time around.

You know voters are fickle.

And while many voters take their responsibility serious- ly and focus on ensuring that they are aware of the issues and the stances of the candidates; there are so many who are not prepared.

I salute the organizations and foot soldiers who are helping to educate potential voters. An informed electorate is so powerful.

Don’t be intimidated at the polls.

Don’t let weather deter you, you’ve been wet before and you’ve been hot. Are you hungry? Having people in office who will do the right thing can make the difference in a meal on your table, you having a table, or you having a place to set a table! Go to the polls. Vote early. If you have to vote absentee, pay attention to the deadlines and get your document in.

Last day to receive vote by mail applications is February 18.

Early voting begins February 14 through February 25 and Election Day is March 1.

When you are voting, read every single page —those last pages of the ballot are just as important as the first one; just ask President Joe Biden who first served on a City Council. And even before that, several other former presidents were high school class presidents; like Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Not voting the entire ballot could cause you to pass over some very strong candidates!

Texas has already been cited as having some of the most oppressive and disenfranchising voter laws in the country.

If you aren’t going to vote, Texas doesn’t need to worry about keeping those legislators responsible for that dis- tinction in office— they have all the help they need, YOU!

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