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MY TRUTH: If It Was Meant For You…

I am feeling a certain way about Odinga Kambui.

In a letter, Odinga wrote:

Open letter to the person(s) who found my lost tan leather shoulder bag

The bag fell from my bike on September 29, 2021, while traveling west on Elsie Faye Heggins Blvd, around 4:30pm. It included my phone, drivers license, two bank debit cards, $55 cash, library card, Black heritage stamp collection, Ghananian currency in my day planner. There being no pay phones to call the bank, it would be the following day when the debit card accounts were changed; of course this was after the fraudulent use for a shopping spree had commence, by the person(s) residing at 1718 Driskell St. 75215. At least know that where the online orders were sent to. I left several voicemails at 214- 298-0762, when the number was active. Never received any response. I would very much the appreciate the bag and contents being returned to the address on the drivers license. No questions asked.

I feel the pain and frustration.

Which brings me to my truth.

I have not reached out to Odinga but I hope the bag has been returned.

If you’ve ever had something taken from you or if you’ve ever lost anything; you know the feeling. It would be different if it was only money but here you have a situation where the person who recovered the bag had an opportunity to return it, instead they opted to be dishonest and unethical. They decided to be a criminal!

There really is not much to be said about what happened.

Just food for thought: nothing good comes out of doing bad to others. Oh, you might see a temporary benefit or gin, but then reality will set in.

You might look at it as a blessing, finding the bag; but you may have blocked a real blessing. By virtue of information in the bag enabling you to do the right thing and you didn’t, you very well may have set yourself up for a serious downfall.

You will get what is meant for you. You don’t have to take from others.

Trust and believe!

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