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MY TRUTH: Another one for the history books

It’s about time to stick a fork in 2021.

There were so many lessons in this year which was the first full calendar year of the COVID-19 pandemic; a time that provided a “new norm” for us all.

Some have grown and evolved while others have not made the best of their time, resources and energies.

There has been a team that has worked tirelessly this year to educate, inform, enlighten, inspire and entertain during these trying times.

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Which brings me to my truth.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we at I Messenger Media stressed our commitment to not only maintain a commitment to journalistic excellence; but to also ramp it up, take things to another level, and make things better.

Our philosophy focused on being there for our audiences during good times and bad, in sickness and in health until death do us part. From there, our work would live in perpetuity.

We are married to our readers, to those who want to make this world a better place, and yes, to those who are thirsting for truth, justice and love.

We love what we do and we love who we do it for.

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As we dealt with navigating through the unknown and the hype, we wanted to continue being a voice for the voice- less, soldiers without swords and warriors on the right side of history.

That takes commitment, courage, dedication and fortitude.

Fortunately I have assembled, and continue to build on, a team with journalistic integrity, excellent work ethic and a commitment to our mission.

And we have collaborated with others to level the playing field and build on a rich history.

Are the tasks confronting us easy?

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Not by a long shot!

Are team members challenged?

Heck yes!

We’ll continue working with others who are interested in spreading the truth, highlighting our accomplishments and building a better world.

We shout out the National Newspaper Publishers Association, National Association of Black Journalists, Society of Profession- al Journalists, The Dallas Morning News, University of North Texas, City University of New York, Texas Observer, Texas Southern University, Paul Quinn College, Florida A&M University, for collaborating with us.

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That’s why I love the seven principles of Kwanzaa. We’re talking about Umoja — Unity.

It’s a universal message.

In order for this world to be a better place, we must realize that where there is unity, there is strength.

If we haven’t learned anything from the past year, we need to spend some time deep diving into why we are even breathing.

And we, here at I Messenger Media, hope that you will never forget that we were here during the worst of times; that we never forgot about you.

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We renewed our love of and support for you.

Remember us in the coming years!

2021, thanks for the memories!

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