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We Over Me Clothes Closet: Tax Experts Help Paul Quinn Students

We Over Me Clothes Closet: Tax Experts Help Paul Quinn Students

By Jessica Hayden
Texas Metro News Staff Writer

In an effort to ensure that its students are prepared to enter the workforce dressed in the proper attire, Paul Quinn College established the We Over Me Clothes Closet and for more than a decade this clothes closet can help students transition from casual to business attire for the workplace.

Gabriel Joyce, a sophomore business entrepreneurship major, said now is the time for students to “start investing in the person you want to be because when you graduate from college, you want to be knowledgeable” about professional attire.

“The clothes closet is the way to go when you’re finding professional styles at Paul Quinn College,” said Ms. Joyce, adding that she is enjoying her job as an employee of the clothes closet. She also wants to plan and produce a fashion show for students to display a new perspective on styles with a twist on them.

Another goal of hers is to get more businesses to donate clothes to the closet to give students a “chance to put together their own styles.” Also, the clothes closet is in the process of creating more outlets for students so they can create their styles but still be within the dress code. The closet has been filling up with clothes donations for men and women of all sizes.

The students wear professional clothes on campus to jobs and any other professional opportunities they may get involved with throughout the year. Helping students achieve greatness through their appearance means a lot to the Paul Quinn faculty, students, and the surrounding community.

A few students visited the Closet while the employees of Davis, Davis and Harmon LLC, a sales tax experts company, were dropping off donations to the institution, last week. The students expressed excitement about the clothing selections for women and men.

The owner, Chanel C. Davis, said, “This has been an initiative of the company for nine years. We were students once before, and we had to get prepared for interviews, internships, and it is part of our hearts to give back. “Paul Quinn College is an amazing part of the community so we are pleased to use our riches to give back to the institution.”

The total number of items the company donates was just over 640, which is utterly outstanding, said one of the students. To secure such a huge donation, this company uses all of its resources. Their clients and partners bring the best professional garments to give away, plus they have four drops off locations throughout Dallas.

The drop off locations is closed now until they publicize the new locations in April on their social media pages. You can follow them on Facebook at Davis, Davis & Harmon LLC, twitter at @salesTaxhelp and LinkedIn at Davis, Davis & Harmon LLC. If anyone has suits or other items, you may not wear anymore, and you would like to get rid of them; give back to Paul Quinn’s Clothes Closet, by emailing Also, Davis, Davis & Harmon LLC has volunteer opportunities and offers mentorship to students looking to learn more from a professional company on developing skills for the future after graduating from college.

Paul Quinn College continues to give students the tools they need to be successful and the leadership under President Michael Sorrell is continuously coming up with new ways to accommodate the growing need of students.

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