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My Truth: What a wonderful year!

OK, you’re probably wondering if I am dreaming when actually for me just the mere fact that I am being seen and not viewed, is enough to say, “it’s a wonderful year!”

And really mean it.

Which brings me to my truth.

No one wants to hear a bunch of complaining.

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You have issues. Yes, we all have issues.

You’re in pain. I feel for you and there are so many others who are in pain.

You don’t like your job. I love my job so I’m not feeling you on this one.

You’ve lost a loved one. I know it’s hard. We’re living during a time when not only are we losing loved ones; sometimes the news is slow reaching destinations because of quarantines and social distancing, among other pandemic related issues or concerns.

I could go on and on, BUT, as this wonderful year comes to a close and I anxiously await a wonderfully exciting 2022, I’d like to end on a positive note.

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We could all agree that these are the worst of times and the worst of times, still we must get through this together.

Almost 20 months ago, I thought that the world would become kinder and gentler, that people would realize how valuable life is and that everyone would be more interested in sharing love than causing destruction and promoting hate.

The pandemic has caused me to look at life through a different lens and to realize what’s important. And since I only have control over Cheryl Smith, believe me when I tell you; she is kinder and gentler and she is focused on living her best life while not doing anything to make anyone else’s life miserable.

What a novel thought!

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