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Hollywood Janitorial and Restroom Supplies, LLC

Hollywood Janitorial and Restroom Supplies
Lawrence Doughty

Hollywood Janitorial and Restroom Supplies, LLC, was born from Hollywood Janitorial Services that began as a cleaning service that catered to high-end, private clubs, supermarkets and department stores. Their products are formulated differently from those cleaning products sold by the everyday retailer and the chemicals are cost-effective and innovative–a combination of the old chemical formulas and new formulas that make the job easier. The CEO is Lawrence Doughty, a certified service disabled veteran who learned the basics of cleaning while serving in the United States Air Force.

4041 W est Wheatland Road, #156-104, Dallas,Texas 75237, 469 513-2800 Fax 469 513-2402 Find out more at

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