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FROM MARVA WITH LOVE: Buy life insurance to build generational wealth

 Paulon Britt
Paulon Britt

As an entrepreneur and experienced financial professional, Paulon Britt is on a mission to teach Wall Street concepts to whom she refers to as “Main Street” investors.

Britt wants to provide information and tools to families so that they maybuildgenerational wealthand become financially independent.

She discussed financial responsibility on a recent broadcast of From Marva with Love. Here are excerpts from our conversation:

MS: Tell us about your story.

PB: On this journey, God has shown up in my life, so I give Him praise. What I found out a long time ago was the secret. Optional cut: I call it the best secret in America. Generational wealth is out there. The tools and resources are out here. We are just asking the wrong questions.Optional cut: That’s my story and we can only be guided by what we know. Amazingly,We don’t know what we don’t know. Optional cut: Once I found out how simple and the journey – and that’s with anyone I don’t care how small your means are – with knowledge and encouragement we can achieve so much. My story is like anybody else’s. I did everything they tell you to do: Go to school, get a good education so you can get that good job. Then, climb the corporate ladder. What I found is, it’s not true. That is not the wealth formula. Optional cut: It is to simply to understand the concept.

MS: What is the formula?

PB: I was doing everything right – earning and saving. One day, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to retire. There had to be an end game to this journey. Optional cut: So, we’re hoping and praying and it’s like, subconsciously, well we will worry about that when we cross that bridge. The formula is that you have to have a period where your money has to grow. Investing and teaching investing became my passion. Optional cut: When I found out that we know nothing about money and the simplicity of how it works.

MS: What do we need to do to have generational wealth?

PB: Optional cut: Thank you for that question. Here is my crusade: life insurance. My parents and great-grandparents believed in insurance. The insurance man always got his money. The foundation of any financial plan is having the right kind of life insurance. Wealthy people know what kind of life insurance to purchase.

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Marva Sneed is host of “From Marva with Love" and columnist for Texas Metro News.


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