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MY TRUTH: It’s about to go down!

That’s right. We are about to hear from politicians and wanna be politicians as we prepare for the midterm elections.

News flash: If you didn’t know, the midterm elections are just as important as the presidential election every four years. Some might even say that a voter nullifies the impact of their previous vote if they don’t follow through by continuing to be an active participant in the electoral process.

This is a message for elected officials too.

I applaud the elected officials who campaign even when they aren’t on the ballot and I say “shame on you” to those who only campaign when they are on the ballot.

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There are so many issues impacting our communities and it is imperative that all hands are on deck, all the time, participating in any attempts to right so many wrongs.

Which brings me to my truth.

Too often people sit on the sidelines; failing to take a stand, unless they are personally involved. Surely you’ve heard of the “hit dog holler syndrome?”

Well, noted psychologist Dr. Na’m Akbar summed it up in so many words when he talked about the people who point a finger and shake their heads, while turning up their noses at the young men/boys they see in the street.

The disdain is apparent.

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The good doctor asks, “Then what do you do when one of those men/boys shows up at your doorstep to date your daughter?”

Good question, but who has the answer?

Also what about those who are incarcerated? How they are treated is not a concern until someone wants to speak out about their loved one being mistreated!

Still taking things a step farther, some have no problem with the incarcerated being treated like animals and being subjected to inhumane

living conditions; failing to realize that some of those behind bars will one day be released and if they are treated a certain way, well they may act that same way when they are released.

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Talk about chickens coming home to roost!

Well we are going to be dealing with quite a few chickens if we don’t get off our butts and take more of an interest in what is happening in our communities.

We have to care about one another and we have to realize the significance of our existence. We are not on this earth just to passively exist. We are supposed to be active participants.

This means that we are supposed to care about others and those we will never see or meet.

We have a responsibility and how we respond will determine if we were on the right side of history.

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It will also solidify our legacy.

When there are family gatherings will your descendants laugh, cry, cuss, shake their heads, say a prayer or deny any relation to you? Or will they beam with pride?

It’s your life!

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