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MY TRUTH: What will be your boss move?

Power and influence. When you have an opportunity to make a difference, to do good when all around you seems bad; do it!

Simone Missick
Simone Missick

Power and influence. When you have an opportunity to make a difference, to do good when all around you seems bad; do it!

Excitement was in the air as news that the cancelled CBS drama, “All Rise” could be coming back for a third season. According to numerous reports The Oprah Winfrey Network was negotiating with Warner Bros.

What good news to hear when we are surrounded by so much news that is wreaking havoc in the minds of so many. And nothing’s wrong with a little entertainment!

Just imagine, we could get to see the talented, gorgeous and smart Simone Missick back on the bench as the socially-conscious and conscientious Judge Lola Carmichael. And you get to see her showing Black love to her equally talented, handsome and smart FBI agent of a husband and father of their daughter.

Talk about a diverse cast! Well, it was refreshing for me to tune in to the work of an excellent writing, directing, producing and acting team that is relatable.

Then I began to think about all the boss moves that Ms. Winfrey continues to make. And she doesn’t have to do ANYTHING, you hear me? If she doesn’t want to do, it won’t get done. But she pushes the envelope constantly addressing issues; not making a big splash, just doing what needs to be done.

Many of us could learn from her. Whether she’s building schools, educating a class of Black men in college, or taking care of so many; she’s doing what she feels compelled to do and it’s her journey.

Which brings me to my truth.

Coming from New Jersey, I am more into baseball and basketball than football; but then I went to that powerhouse, Florida A&M University, and begin to see a little of what the fuss was about as I began covering more and more sports, as a reporter.

Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick

Well fast forward to all the “hype” surrounding Colin Kaepernick; who is referred to as an “activist” today, when in the past he was viewed as just a socially-conscious brother who played football and spoke out about injustices.

Some might say there isn’t any difference between the two and others who entertained and spoke out are discussed, along with the price they paid.

And there are so many who vilified Mr. Kaepernick, doing everything they could to end his career; even to the point of playing mediocre players, because they could. Still others criticized the teams but still bought those tickets and turned on their television sets.

Well, I am not Oprah, but I took one “big” for me step that I thought was pretty “boss.”

I remember a photographer asking me for press credentials to covert NFL for Texas Metro News. I told him he could cover Pee Wee, Little League, Pop Warner, high school, college or women’s Legend’s Football League; but I wasn’t focusing on the NFL at all.

For me the NFL needed a lot of help in so many areas and especially in changing the mindsets of some of their racially-insensitive owners.

The photographer urged me to agree to the credentials; saying he would get me the “money shot.”

My response: The only ‘money shot’ you can get me is of Kaepernick back on the field playing!

End of discussion.

When the photographer walked away, I’ll admit I felt good. It was not an adversarial type of conversation. Just matter of fact.

Kaepernick, and so many others deserve a chance and it’s just unfortunate that while I own my publications, I don’t own a team because the brother would be playing or maybe even coaching! That’s what you do with boss moves!

So, I’ll take this small victory.

Sure we’ll write good stories, like Drew Pearson’s induction into the Hall of Fame; but we’re not going to contribute to this madness. We have to demand what the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin asked for…R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

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