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MY TRUTH: Am I jaded?

Money Mitch
Money Mitch 223

News of yet another shooting made me take a deep breath recently. Well, actually every day I take a deep breath because I am hearing about abuses or murders by a “few bad apples.”

There are so many law enforcement officers that I have much admiration, respect and love for and there are those who I would love to have forced into early retirement, or even imprisonment.

That’s just not the way it should be.

Law enforcement is expected to protect and serve; however, there are some people who just don’t deserve to wear a badge or carry a gun. And that’s the real deal!

There’s a young man I began following lately, Money Mitch 223. I tuned in for personal reasons and then too, I saw something in him and his music. I felt that with guidance and mentorship he had a bright future, so I was anxious to see his growth and development.

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Imagine my surprise when I received word that Money Mitch 223 was yet another casualty. Early reports said he was in a shoot out with local sheriff deputies and ended up dying from self-inflicted wounds.

Even though Money Mitch 223 was a product of his environment and violence was rampant in the southern Florida area where he had spent his entire life; the suicide theory didn’t ring true at all.

Talking to the media, Deputy Chief Frank DeMario of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said, “Our tactical unit was surveilling a suspect for murder. They also have probable cause on him for drugs.”

It has been further reported that Money Mitch jumped out of an Uber and started shooting at two police deputies. They pursued him and “We followed him up to a building and on the second floor, we noticed some blood droppings on the first floor. We thought he was wounded.”

Fast forward and the story changes. The deputies did “not” see any blood. The deputies happened upon Money Mitch 223 and he was deceased.

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Forgive my cynicism. Let’s see bodycams. Were there any surveillance videos?

Which brings me to my truth.

For decades there have been cries about the need to have better oversight. Were it not for the steady hand of Darnella Frazier, holding the cell phone as George Floyd took his last breath, or the surveillance camera that caught several officers beating and kicking a handcuffed unresisting man, a “few bad apples” would not be held accountable.

I’m watching closely to see what comes of the murder of Money Mitch 223. Why did the Sheriff change his story? Was it murder or suicide? What are the autopsy results?

Sure there’s more to the story of Money Mitch 223, as is the case with everyone.

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Still, everyone also deserves justice.

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