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COVID-19 News

That celebrity interview: Former NJ governor speaks on COVID-19

By Valder Beebe

Gov. Chris Christie

During the Trump vs Biden elections, I remember former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s announcement that he had COVID-19. I’ve wondered, if he knew where he contracted the COVID virus? What circumstances made him vulnerable to contracting COVID19? Well….recently Governor Christie became my interview guest in the Valder Beebe Show studio and I had the opportunity to ask him my inquiries and for him to tell his story about his personal interaction with COVID-19.

Christie and IDSA medical expert Dr. Larry Martinelli, Providence/St. Joseph Hospital, Lubbock, TX. discussed COVID Vaccine awareness and an action campaign; the “It’s Up to You” campaign. In an effort to reach communities with lower confidence in the vaccines, like conservatives across the U.S., the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative have partnered with the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) to urge all Americans to get themselves and their family members vaccinated. Over the last few months many conservative organizations, including the Southern Baptist Convention and the Heritage Foundation are coming forward to announce their support for COVID-19 vaccines as well.

The “It’s Up to You” campaign is a message about getting the facts about the COVID-19 vaccines is important regardless of political beliefs or affiliation. Gov. Christie is specific and revealing with me [Valder] about his personal experience with COVID-19. Governor Christie & Dr. Martinelli’s publicists provided text in conjunction with the Valder Beebe Show.

VBS: Tell my audience more about the “It’s Up to You” campaign and your personal COVID19 survival.

DRM: I think the first think to keep in mind that these vaccines are extremely effect and safe. As millions and millions people are getting them we are confirming how well they work and how safe they are. What every your political belief. What every your place of where you live the vaccines are there not just ourselves but those around us. our parents, our grandparents our young children. To help us get back to what we miss; being able to sit down and share a meal with family and friends or to attend and event. I will add that I too had COVID19. I’m a COVID survivor and in looking back, that is not something I want to go through again.

VBS: Governor, would you give us the personal details of living through COVID19? Your experience with COVID-19 rates you as an expert.

GCC: I got COVID-19 at the safest place in America, at the White House. This is how random COVID19 impacts Americans. I was being tested every day as I was at the White House helping to prepare President Trump for the debates then…….

Former N.J. Gov Chris Christie’s complete interview……; more interviews: Broadcasting to a national & global audience: ; KKVI FM Radio, KRER FM, 411RadioNetwork, Streaming TV, Social Media, Print Publications I MESSENGER, Texas Metro News, and Garland Journal News.

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