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Whose Superhero Will You Be?

Whose Superhero Will You Be?

By Eva D. Coleman
Lifestyles Editor

Oh, how he entertained us! Little did we know Our superhero was dying slow

On the 57th anniversary of The March on Washington, With “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks“ As the 2020 theme, He met his fate.

While so many in the world are Trying to push a warped narrative Of how to “Make America Great”

His character was the force behind A fictional world that gave us pride. A shield of defense against hate.

And unite, even if momentarily, we did.

He fought a four-year battle alone. Yet, it ended with so much clarity. Reminding us that cancer Doesn’t give a f**k about celebrity

Wakanda forever. It’s real to me.

Chadwick Boseman, You are free.

Whose superhero will you be?

Eva D. Coleman is the Lifestyles Editor for I Messenger Media and Vice President of the Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Journalists.

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