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Treating Myself

By Marva J. Sneed
Staff Writer

Yes, It was time to treat myself. I needed a makeover. I called up Kena Baccus at Mocca Cosmetics. I asked if I could come in, and she said yes. As we gracefully age, our skin changes. My skin has become a little more oily. So I knew it was time for a makeup change. I needed something new. I was greeted with a smile. 

Mocca Cosmetics is practicing all the acceptable guidelines for assuring the customers’ safety. She took my temperature and asked me to wash my hands and then, she washed her hands. I felt really comfortable with that. She looked at me and right away, she knew what I would need. She gave me samples to apply, and it was so simple I could see the difference in how she instructed me to apply the makeup. All of the products were great. Mocca Cosmetics by Kena Baccus was a real treat for me.

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