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The Struggle Continues: Trump! A Real OG, Becomes President Then Goes To Prison

By Thomas Muhammad

“I’ll tell you the truth when I can,” ABC News’ Jonathon Karl said Trump boldly told him during an interview. Yep, that’s today’s “Magical Thinking” President Donald Trump! He was not supposed to be in the White House! After all, he wasn’t part of the political insiders, the ones who historically have gotten the nod to serve. Sure he was one of the thousands of top political donors, who got in pretending to be a self-made billionaire, but him in an elective office? Nawaaa!

So now the guy is president and true to form the crook came out and now look at him? He’s been impeached among other things and he recently fired in just under six weeks four Inspector Generals when firing just one could set off WW2 in the US Congress. And he came into office when his party not only won the White House, they controlled both the Senate and the House. And man that power went straight to his head. The Dude was having big fun.

Politically he came in the spirit of Ross Perot campaigning against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Most people forgot how NAFTA was extremely unpopular with both the Republican and Democratic parties even when their leaders were! The Donald seized on that unpopularity and rode it along with the largely unpopular immigration issue into the White House and he acted like a Real Street Original Gangster (OG). With his 70 million-plus Twitter Feed he forced the Republican Party leaders to completely have his way on any and every subject! Even when it was clear he didn’t know what the hell he was saying.

As a presidential candidate, he lied about losing thousands of friends in the Twin Towers that fell in New York on 9/11 when in reality he lost zero friends. It was simply a way to benefit from the misery of real victims. Shameless! His administration is experiencing a money scandal nearly every month, but that shouldn’t be a surprise to us! Remember that theme song that opened his TV show The Apprentice each night was “For the Love of Money” by the O’Jays cause he loves money more than life!

He’s had a winning strategy since coming down those Trump Tower escalators denouncing immigration and spewing fire and brimstone against crime in America. And his solution was to close the border between the US and Mexico! He knew that every US President, from George W. Bush to Barack Hussein Obama has tried in vain to solve that problem for White America. Obama tried so hard he gained the nicknamed “Deporter In Chief” by American Latino leaders.

So, yes Trump’s been true to his OG status and he has been this way all his life, corrupting everyone he comes in contact with. But now he’s running out of time! The election is a few months ahead and the statute of limitations is still about two years off! You see the one thing he hadn’t counted on was the Repubs losing power and boy he was completely shocked when they lost the House! He was scrambling around asking what is “Mid-Terms” when told of the new Democrats oversight as they took 40 seats and charge of the Majority.

He’s even screamed that he wants Obama in prison along with former Vice President Joe Biden. And it really hit him when in a recent televised interview Biden emphatically committed that if he’s elected he won’t pardon him. Keep in mind that it is well established that the only thing keeping him out of prison is that he’s president. Which means if he loses, he’s prison-bound! Right! Don’t pass go, go directly to jail! Why not a little Monopoly joke for a fake billionaire, lol! You don’t think this is serious, just remember his former lawyer Michael Cohen is currently serving time for their crime and it’s a State case, so there are no pardon powers Trump can count on to keep himself out! And he’s pissed off a whole lot of people in both parties!

So you damn skippy he’s desperate! He’s got to win this election baby! Even if it means sacrificing thousands of American lives to do it! This Coronavirus thing jacked up his reelection plans as he was going to run on the economy! He’s so desperate he’s tried to play doctor floating a deadly idea that people should inject Clorox for the virus. And, if his hypocrisy wasn’t bad enough he’s now finding out just how important those Mexicans are! He’s been denigrating them for over three years to find out its primary Immigrants who were very critical to the nation’s food supply. Let’s chant all together, “Build That Wall!” Lol! So we know who he is right? As my homey, the late Dallas singer Willie Hutch sang, called him “Slick!” Remember Slick ain’t got no regrets, Slick ain’t got no sorrow, if he doesn’t get you today, he’ll get you tomorrow!” Until then, The Struggle Continues…

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