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That Celebrity Interview: WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp

By Valder Beebe

I enjoyed speaking with WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’s stars Willie Taylor and Shanda Denyce. On this season of WEtv’s hit series Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, tempers flare and drama ensues as five hip hop couples hunker down to take some tough love from Dr. Ish Major to help them improve their troubled relationships. Among them, Taylor and Denyce’s problematic marriage previously caught viewers’ attention on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Shanda Denyce and Willie Taylor

Taylor is one of the lead singers of the award-winning R&B group Day26, who were assembled on MTV’s hit show Making the Band 4 by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. Denyce is a singer-songwriter who was in the all-girl R&B group X’clusive. The Chicago-based couple has been married for 12 years and have three children together, but their union has been plagued by communication issues and infidelity. They never talk about their problems, but just brush everything under the rug until the storm passes. As the dramatic season finale of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition approaches, the couple discussed with me what they may have learned during the show’s intense therapy sessions; as well as what their future holds as a couple. 

VBS: Willie and Shanda I know you guys came to the Valder Beebe Show to give the audience the total 411.

WT: Well, we are here to give you as much as we can (laughter)…..the rest you will tune into the Hip Hop Edition season finale.

VBS: Give me and the audience a bit of your history to get to know you both better. 

SD: I’m Willie’s wife and I’m an artist from back in the day who never came out.

WT: Making the Band 4 was probably the original you have seen me on, Day26, then from there we did Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Now Marriage Boot Camp.

VBS: Willie, I’ve spoken to the host of Marriage Boot Camp, Dr Ish Major, so I will ask you the same question: it is almost impossible for ordinary people behind closed doors to solve their marriage problem, but you are doing it in public, on TV, is there truly any answer for your marriage problems? 

WT: If you allow yourself to live in the eye of the public, if you allow yourself to be on a reality show, you lock the privacy away… 

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