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Prom Season, Sports, Graduations Affected

MakeUp Artists Manage to Survive During COVID-19 by
Encouraging a Healthy Regimen


Fit for the prom from head to toe
Fit for the prom from head to toe
credit: facebook

What does our skin do for us? The skin protects us from microbes and the elements, help regulate body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, cold and pain. It is the largest organ of the body.

The scalp tissue can also feel the soothing touch of a good shampoo, heat when a flat iron, pressing comb or curling iron touches it, coldness of the winter season and pain of any trauma to the scalp. Put simply, your scalp tissue has a tolerance level, just like your skin. Remember that.

Tips for healthier skin: cleanse at least twice daily… morning and at night.

Moisturize daily to protect your skin from environmental dryness.

Wear a sunscreen during the summer season…sun damage can be painful, as well as darken/damage your skin cells.

Pamper your skin with a facial every week to two weeks time line. Excessive sugar in your diet affects your facial skin. Eat fruits, vegetables and hydrate by drinking water…half your body weight.

I am thankful for MUAs! Crystal Scott has assisted me with five Magazine Cover Girl glam looks! The pandemic has impacted her make-up service business and she shares about her survival.

According to Crystal, who is the owner of Crystal Scott Artistry, she has been a make-up artist for seven years. She tells of challenges during the pandemic, “At the beginning, COVID-19 caused a decrease in business during prom season. But, with the influx of high school seniors wanting senior pictures and the opening of business amid wedding season, business has now increased. 

“I haven’t had to incorporate many changes. As an MUA, sanitation and cleanliness are very important. I have always used disposable wands and refrain from double dipping in tubes products. I sanitize my tools after every client. I now use gloves with clients and wear a mask as the major change.”

Make-up artist Crystal Scott
Make-up artist Crystal Scott credit: CScott

Crystal is also in the classroom. “I have not received much feedback at this time, regarding questions from customers or new customers about my services, I am also an Elementary School Teacher,” she said. “We adapted to teaching our students oline after spring break.”

Two tips she shares with her customers: “Always wash and sanitize your tools after you purchase them and make sure that your MUA is using clean tools when offering services. Your facial skin reflects how well you take care of it.

Crystal can be reached at: Crystal Scott Artistry,, 817.938.3112

Dr. Linda Amerson, Board Certified Trichologist, 817 265 8854 and her award -winning products may be purchased at #ScalpDoctor #39yrVeteran

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