OUR VOICES: Young Black Protesters should know there’s a huge gap between a racist and the practice of racism

OUR VOICES: Young Black Protesters should know there’s a huge gap between a racist and the practice of racism

Black Protesters

By Thomas Muhammad

Yeah I know you didn’t ask, but this is my column and I can say whatever I want in this space right?

Damn COVID concerns have kept my ‘old school’ butt on the sidelines, so it’s only now that I get share my 2 cents worth of knowledge on this misnomer; so hang out with me for a few, okay?

It came to me when I saw that news clip of a white man causing a fuss among the so-called liberal Black and white leaders on today’s national scene.

The old dude on the golf cart was screaming, “White Power!” One would of felt he was screaming FIRE!

The liberal folks were calling him a Racist and a white nationalist! Immediately I asked myself what did they want him to say?

He’s a white man. He’s supposed to call for white power, right?

I’m Black and I believe in Black power and have been calling for that since high school at good old James Madison High!

“If a white man wants to lynch me that’s his problem, if he’s got the power to lynch me, that’s my problem. Racism isn’t a question of attitudes, it’s about power!”

Chairman Stokely Carmichael
Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

Hell, I’m a long time and for- ever advocate of Black power because I’m a Black nationalist!

So does that make me a racist?

Of course it does!

Oh damn! I’ve done what my favorite pastor Dr. Freddy

Haynes would say, “I just got in somebody’s kool-aid!” Lol!

Ok so go back to the top and re-read Chairman Stokely’s quote. Being racist isn’t a problem it’s when a racist person has the power to carry out their racist agenda against another, that’s when it becomes a problem!

Get it? Racism is power plus prejudice! Period!

We all are racist at some point! We all love our race and believe it’s better than some one else’s!

Ok, so maybe you still didn’t get it, so rather than being too much of a preacher here I’ll just tell you what my father would say when he’s tired of the matter!

Boy just keep living!

Until then the Struggle continues…

Thomas Muhammad is a local Dallas activist who can be reached at tmuhammad2003@yahoo.com

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