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‘Ou La La’ — So many reasons to care about gang sanctions against Martelly

Michel Martelly
Haitian president Michel Martelly and former American president Bill Clinton.

The Haitian Times 
By Garry Pierre-Pierre

In the late 1990s, the Haitian Music Industry was booming. Bals, or parties, attracted thousands of revelers. A new sound, Nouvelle Generation, was in full bloom in New York, Miami and Haiti.

All of it coincided with Haiti becoming a major transshipment route for Colombian drug dealers. The country was awash with cocaine money.

That bump in konpa’s popularity attracted a slew of unsavory characters who saw the cash business as a perfect ruse for laundering money. It benefits you whether you lose money or not. Like a Donald Trump tax scheme, it all depends on what you need to show to the authorities.

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