Dallas Public Library Extends Locations to Help With Budget and Reach

Photo Courtesy of Dallas Public Library
Photo Courtesy of Dallas Public Library

By Allana J. Barefield 
Staff Writer 

In the middle of COVID, some are looking for something to watch or read and Dallas Public Library is meeting the demand with expanded curbside pickup at 11 locations, including the Martin Luther King Branch Library. 

Library goers can pick up their items from Tuesday to Saturday, between 10:30 am and 5:30 pm.

Jo Giudice, director of libraries for the City of Dallas, said she is excited to have opened every single library location for curbside pickup to reach more neighborhoods. 

“It was our goal all along to offer services citywide and we’re able to do that,” Giudice said, adding that materials can be checked out on the website or phone. 

According to Giudice, this is an opportunity for locals to take advantage of the library and save money. 

“Most people right now are in a position that are watching their budget,” Giudice said. “Having books, CDs, DVDs at your disposal for free is important, I think people need the diversion, they need help with their education.”

Library card holders also have access to free limitless online tutoring, virtual storytime, gardening programs, and depending on the program; the cardholder will be able to pick up fun kits to buy supplies. 

For more information: http://dallaslibrary2.org/covid-19/