Poems for Christmas Grief

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By La Juana Barton

The Bells are Ringing

Silver Bells ringing in the sounds of Christmas. 
Awakening your heart to a season of great joy, even now.
May new sounds of Christmas mingle with the old and
provide for you a beautiful melody that
will sustain you this Christmas.

The Reason

In the festive time of Christmas, even Santa bows his head.
To thank the babe, in the manger, for all that is done or said.
Joining the host of people who face Christmas with heavy hearts.
Hoping to bring joy to those that find that grief has turned
their spirits dark.
Because someone they love will be missing
and won’t be gathered around the tree.
So, please mingle both faith and love this Christmas and
your spirits will lift, just wait and see.
Hang a ball, string some lights or even deliver a Christmas card.
If you call upon Christmas memories, the path you’re on won’t
be so hard.
So when you see dear Santa and you’re reminded of all he gives.
Remember the gift of your loved one and the fact that Jesus lives.

La Juana Barton