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From Marva with Love: Soulful Prayers

Cheryl Polote-Williamson is an award-winning entrepreneur and executive producer, best-selling author, speaker, philanthropist, and a noted transformational leader – helping over 200 individuals in their quests to becoming best-selling authors and has instrumentally catapulted their careers through what she has coined “AuthorPreneurship.” Cheryl is the CEO of Cheryl Polote Williamson LLC, in addition to the CEO of Williamson Media Group.

Last month, she held the launch and book signing of Soulful Prayers: The Power of Intentional Communication with God. The book features selections from 52 authors with prayers dedicated to every situation (good or bad) that may occur in one’s life. From “A Prayer for Soulful Purpose” by co-author Tilda Whitaker to “Waiting for Justice” by co-author Charmaine Roots Castillo to “Jobless: But, God I Trust You” by co-author Tammy L. Woodard, and “The Ability to Lean on the Lord” by best-selling co-author Courtney Williamson — Soulful Prayers will powerfully change the lives of whoever has it in their grasp.

The proceeds of the book will go to Cheryl Polote-Williamson’s non-profit Soul Reborn – for underserved women providing lectures, classes, summits and conferences on leadership, entrepreneurship, money management, etiquette, storytelling, and philanthropy.

On From Marva with Love on Cheryl’s World, Mrs. Williamson said, “Soulful Prayers is the quintessential book for every believer – no matter where he or she is in their relationship with God.”

Cheryl Polote-Williamson

MS: What was the intention with Soulful Prayers?

CPW: The intention behind Soulful Prayers, the book came about because so many people would ask me how I can pray to God, I don’t speak eloquently. I don’t know what to say. Prayer is a simple conversation with God you don’t have to have the right grammar, you don’t have to have the whereto and thou fore’s, or turn to Luke 12 chapter this or that all God wants is to hear from you.

I started sharing with people that they could just say, “Jesus Jesus help me” and “God would help them” or “Jesus Jesus” or just moan. People then started to believe that God heard their prayer and they didn’t have to be eloquent.

I began to take this into my spirit and I asked God what you want me to do. God said to me I want you to gather people from all over the globe together and do books on prayer. So people who feel like their prayers are not being heard and they don’t know what to say to me “God” they can grab a prayer out of this book and realize it’s just an intentional conversation with me “God.” I crying out to you “God” it’s the desires of my heart. The desire is for people to have a work book, a tool, a vehicle so that when they need a job, or grieving the loss of a child, or justice. There is a prayer in this book for you. The Intention is everybody to know that when you go to God in prayer it is a conversation between you and Him with no middle man just you and God.

MS: You have written 13 books. In your bio it states you have helped people in their quests to becoming best-selling authors. How would a person start if they wanted to write a book?

CPW: I always love it when people ask me this question and the answer is just start. People feel like they have to get a writing coach, or I have to take classes. The thing is those are the things that will hold you back because you are constantly looking out. Look within yourself. Go to the dollar store and get a note book and start writing, don’t edit it, don’t ask anybody’s opinion. Everybody will tell you why you can’t write the book and nobody will purchase it. Get a note book and just start writing. Carve out time every day. Don’t format it just write.

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