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From Marva with Love: Brenda Marks

By Marva J. Sneed
Staff Writer

On “From Marva with Love,” I interviewed Ms. Brenda Marks. Ms. Marks has a story to tell how her life changed from a car accident. What seemed to be a quick claim has turned her life upside down. Ms. Marks called it “Theft, Fraud, and Corruption in Company Sponsored Disability Insurance Court Systems.”

MS: Ms. Marks tell us about yourself and how the accident happened?

BM: Yes, I was a very active person in my community and my church working with kids and on this particular day I had agreed to work with students from one of the recreation centers in the community. I was leaving my job and I was going there. This was a designated place that was set up by my employer, by another manager to tutor kids. I was rear-ended while I stopped at a red light. I didn’t want to be late, I was more concerned about trying to be there than myself. I saw who it was that hit me. I’m like oh my goodness. Just send me the information because I am on my way to meet the manager and I need to make sure I’m there on time. I was running late. So when she sends me the information the next day. I was in the process of doing some community service. So I feel like I’m a veteran I’m an injured veteran. I was trying to assist some kids.

MS: So you were on your way to work for your employer and didn’t want to be late when the accident happened. What was the damage to your car?

BM: When I got out and looked at my car the bumper was knocked out. That was all I could actually see. It didn’t look like it was very much damage. I just want to let people know that because you don’t have much damage to your car or you don’t feel like your injured or anything serious you should still go and seek medical care. Go to your doctor let them know you were in an accident. Because I think they fixed my car and it was like $900.00 of damage then, later on, I found out that I had a bent frame that was overlooked.

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