The Black Card: Big Mama Said “Christmas is a spiritual blessing not a physical present”

By Terry Allen

As I opened the front door of the home my grandfather built by his own hands, Big Mama shared her standard holiday message. She shouted “Christmas Give!” The chant was more than a greeting because I could see her eyes sparkling and her smile radiated from across the room. I asked her, “What do you want for Christmas Big Mama?” She paused for a brief moment, stared at the bible on her bureau and said “Honey, God has given me all these years on this Earth so all I need is for my family to gather, praise God and love each other.”

We both shouted “Amen” and laughed out loud, then she would say, “Now baby, what did you get me?” Every family member who came in the door got that famous “Christmas Give” greeting. If I were to fashion my life around Big Mama’s chant, “Christmas Give,” I would count the blessings of being around those who genuinely connect and care for me. Big Mama took her wings in 2003 at the young age of 97, yet she left a legacy of having a healthy heart, a passion for forgiveness and an attitude of gratitude.

This shows that “Christmas Give” is a spiritual blessing not a physical present. My healthy heart is full of grace, joy and newfound renewal. As we close 2020, we want to gather with family, open gifts and share hugs of love. Yet we are in a pandemic where a gathering can be a danger to our family and a hug can be a death sentence for loved ones who are at risk. So please do not attend large gatherings and stay within a COVID-19 tested and closed family circle. Additionally, do not fray from local, county and state laws. Adhere to national mandates. Stay Safe! Stay Home!

TAKE A PERSONAL AD OUT IN THE PAPER AND SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY FOR THE NEW YEAR. Pandemic fatigue is real. As people get used to the presence of a life-threatening disease in the air, they do not adhere to the rules as closely. Let’s do our part to protect ourselves and others. Let your heart stay healthy and protect our BIG Mama(s) from a disease that has killed hundreds of thousands of our Beloveds. This will ensure that we will have many more “Christmas Gives” to come. Am I right? Email me at Let me know what you are doing for “Christmas Give.”

Terry Allen is an award-winning media professional, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of City Men Cook and 1016 Media.