Quit Playin: Keep Top Eye Open!

By Vincent L. Hall

As if racism and oppression were not enough, Black folk also have a history of bearing the weight of those who look like brothers while acting like the others. They profit as Uncle Toms, Oreos, bootlickers, and Afro-Saxons. By any name, they represent a treasonous threat to our liberation. Donald Trump has a Coon Platoon. These blatant opportunists suffer little opposition or penalty for their sins. They proudly walk among us, flaunting their riches while maintaining their rightful place in Massa Donald’s house. Until, of course, there is no further use for them. Even “good Niggers” have a limited shelf life. (Hello Omarosa!)

In days long since past, Coons were at least bearable. But, rented Negroes like Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly, and Armstrong Williams, have birthed a new generation of buck dancers. Social media has allowed them to grow and fester. Trump apologist Terrance K. Williams and racism denier Candace Owens lead the pack these days. Terrence was having the time of his cotton-picking life a few weeks ago in Oklahoma. He and former Republican presidential candidate Herman (COVID) Cain were the lead minstrels. These House Negroes kowtow to racist White folks for pelf and power. They scoff at the 94 percent of us who would rather die in a shallow grave than vote for Trump!

Terrence is borderline illiterate and provides a brilliant contrast to Candace. She is that kind of sista that could go both ways. She splits no verbs and conjugates the King’s English faster and better than 90 percent of the Whites who hang on her every word. Candace is like the unnamed Governor whom Dr. King described in his “I Have a Dream” speech. Candace’s lips are regularly “dripping with the words of interposition and nullification.” This 30-something race traitor reaps the benefits of cooning through public appearances and her new book, Blackout—How Black America Can Make its Second Escape From the Democratic Plantation. This ignorance obscures the fact that America is a two-party system, and at no time in history has both parties invited us in.

She could not wait to pimp the death of George Floyd. Her YouTube video monologue has eight million hits to date. She said that George was neither hero nor martyr and called him a thug. “He was the example of a violent criminal for all of his life.” Candace was roundly lambasted, but she, like Trump, will have a loyal following for the rest of her life. These Negroes put our community’s safety in jeopardy for 30 pieces of silver and a seat reserved for “The Blacks” at Trump rallies. “Negro preachers” like Daryl Scott and Mark Burns hurt us because the world knows how much stock Black America puts in its pulpit. Black preachers have been our salvation from 1619 through COVID-19. Nevertheless, this new generation of budding coons and race prostitutes is even more valuable to Trump and the racists he directs.

The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery, but Trump’s legal team read between the lines. You cannot buy a Negro, but it is legal and beneficial to rent or lease one. Trump seems to have spared little expense. Millennials and young adults are too young, but horror still strikes when history rehearses the ritual of “necklacing.” The practice became a deterrent to treason during the Apartheid movement. Blacks that collaborated with, snitched to, or otherwise aided the government were fitted with a rubber tire, filled with gasoline and burned. America’s Coons are having their best years since Reconstruction. However, treason becomes more noticeable as oppression intensifies. As they reminded one another on the Underground Railroad, “Keep your top eye open!”