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OUR VOICES: District 4 – As We Are Now

Over the past two years (plus) the covid 19 outbreak has dramatically changed lives, relationships and the way we conduct business. During that period, like you, I had been searching for ways to cope with and make the unusual normal. Now as we adjust to the new normal, I introduce to you: “As We Are Now”.

Through “As We Are Now” I’ll keep you abreast of the challenges and opportunities our district faces and overcame. I’ll do so by focusing on nine (9) different community interest need categories addressing Districts 4’s short and long-term goals and objectives.

  • Individual, Family & Property Safety
  • The Districts Economic Shape
  • Community Environmental Improvements
  • District Image & Reputation
  • Neighborhood Overall Appearance
  • A Sense of Community
  • Health and Wellness Options
  • District Mobility
  • District Affordable Living Opportunities

The objective with your help is to transform District 4 into a safe and thriving community. A district where residents know they have control over their own lives and influence their futures by doing things that reduce personnel and property loss and injury.

The goal with your input is that District 4 be converted into a thriving district where jobs, community pride, affordable respectable housing and the essentials of quality of life are common place for all residents.

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