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DISD Athletes Back on the Playing Field

By Allana J. Barefield
Staff Writer 

One of the biggest questions students of all ages have had on their minds, as they ponder how COVID-19 has impacted their lives, has to do with if they would ever be able to walk on a court or a field anytime soon.  

For many, COVID-19 has been responsible for canceling out some of the most important events in their lives, so when Dallas Independent School District superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa’s announced that there was no definite date for sports to return, the protests began. 

When players originally found out that they wouldn’t be able to lace up, their displeasure was heard loud and clear. During protests, they held up signs that read, “Don’t delay, let us play.” 

Dr. Hinojosa stated that since COVID cases have decreased, athletes will be back in no time, adding that conditioning and strength practice will happen after all. 

Spectators will have to wear face masks, the athletes will need to consistently wash their hands, use hand sanitizer and when they’re on the sidelines, they can’t use the same towels. 

But for players to start playing, the changes will be implemented slowly. For instance, only varsity athletes will begin at first and then junior varsity will follow.  

Cheerleaders, drill teams and band members will be able to begin their schedules the last week of September. 

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