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The Gray Area: Insurrection at the Capitol

By Ed Gray

America is in a state of an internal political war that has never been seen since the Civil War. The failed coup by the supporters of President Donald Trump exposed America. America can no longer be holier than thou and say that our elected norms are sacred. We can no longer brag about a peaceful transition of power. The demon in chief, also known as Donald Trump, encouraged his minions of MAGA supporters to violently attempt to subvert American democracy. As these domestic terrorists broke into the citadel of freedom, other seditionist began to tear it down from within. Trump supporters such as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) waved high the banner of sedition, to not certify the election of the President-Elect Joe Biden.

January 06, 2021 will live as a day in infamy. It was America’s electoral Perl Harbor. A sneak attack upon democracy that was committed by legions of Americans, enemies from within, supported by White Supremacy. These terrorists scaled the walls of Freedom with the intent of Kidnapping, Killing, and Klanning the Electoral College certification. If not for the quick thinking of a Capitol Hill Policeman, Eugene Goodman, then it was quite possible that many of our elected officials would have been killed or hurt. The ringleader of this Insurrection was the President of the United States, and for this high crime and misdemeanor, he should be impeached and barred from running for the Presidency. This pardoned the word, trumps anything that any President has done before him.

Instigating a coup to remain in power. This type of behavior is what happens in banana republics. Indeed, we must have been in a banana republic on that day in January, because Trump was bananas. We as Americans were lucky because the insurrectionists were not as organized to pull it off. They probably did not think they could get as far as they did. We must not let this failure be a platform for others to build upon. We must impeach Donald Trump, Jail the Insurrectionists, and Remove from office all members of the Sedition Caucus of elected representatives that assisted.

I am Ed Gray, and this is Straight Talk.


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