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COVID-19 San Antonio Collaboration: Dr. Amerson Analyzes Dr. Crawford’s Alopecia Clients

By Dr. Linda Amerson

There are many collaborative opportunities taking place during the pandemic. Consumers are spending money on themselves in many areas, including seeking the expertise of a board certified Trichologist for alopecia and scalp disorder issues. 

Licensed cosmetologists, barbers and other beauty industry professionals have limitations when it comes to identifying and properly treating conditions and disorders of the scalp and hair loss.

CEO Dr. LaTasha Crawford, of Crowned by Crawford Her Salon, contacted Dr. Linda Amerson in September, to discuss traveling to San Antonio in November to analyze her clients. Dr. Amerson joyfully agreed to this collaboration! This mindset shows the passion and concern Dr. Crawford has for her clients’ scalp and hair. By using Dr. Amerson as a resource, her clients truly know she has their best interests at the forefront of her business. We plan to continue this collaboration several times per year.

After several years of referring her concerned clients to Dr. Amerson, many made consultation appointments and traveled to Pantego to LA’s Hair & Scalp Clinic. There were several other clients who were interested in a microscopic consultation from Dr. Amerson, however, had a challenge with traveling to her Pantego Clinic.


Dr. Amerson invested in a portable trichoscope in June, to add to her mobile polarized microscope for her educational classes and collaboration opportunities. 

Dr. Crawford is a creative makeup artist, educator and songbird. She is on the Praise Team of her Church, Christian World Worship Center, with Bishop Michael Sides, and Pastor Jason Sides.                                      

Crowned by Crawford is located at 5148 Broadway, St., San Antonio, TX. 813-304-5836.

Dr. Amerson is open to more road trip collaborations with beauty/barbers industry professionals, as well as women’s church groups, conferences, expos and seminars. 


Dr. Linda Amerson is a Board Certified Trichologist at LA’s Hair & Scalp Clinic. 817-265-8854

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