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OUR VOICES: Message from the Dallas Mayor

Back in June, the Dallas City Council voted to expand its portfolio of parks by acquiring a nearly 300-acre property in Southwestern Dallas known as Big Cedar Wilderness.

By Mayor Eric Johnson

Back in June, the Dallas City Council voted to expand its portfolio of parks by acquiring a nearly 300-acre property in Southwestern Dallas known as Big Cedar Wilderness. Located north of Cedar Ridge Preserve, Big Cedar Wilderness had been privately owned by Liberty Bankers Insurance Group and their CEO Brad Phillips. Recently, Brad Phillips made the decision to preserve the property by donating it to Trust for Public Land to ensure it would remain protected as public parkland.

This is a major step toward achieving the goal of becoming the city with the best park system in Texas. Big Cedar Wilderness is a critical amenity, and Dallas’ commitment to preserving and enhancing it will ensure more Dallas residents have the opportunity to enjoy this exceptional green haven.

Thanks to the generosity and vision of Liberty Bankers Insurance Group and Brad Phillips, and through partnership with Trust for Public Land, this once privately owned land is now a City of Dallas park that will be open for the benefit and enjoyment of residents, visitors, and generations of Dallasites to come.



As an international city that drives the nation’s fourth-largest metropolitan area, Dallas prioritizes strengthening relations with our top trading partners.

On Thursday, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, Ambassador of Mexico to the United States, visited City Hall. We met to discuss Dallas-Mexico relations and public safety efforts.

Mexico and Dallas have a balanced trade relationship and a steady tourist connection. Mexico is Texas’ largest trading partner and 35% of all Mexican investments in the U.S. are headquartered in Dallas’ metro area.

In addition, there are more than 100 daily flights between Dallas and Mexico.
The tie between Dallas and Mexico is strong and Dallas intends to continue to maintain this important partnership.

Carona Plaza at the Cotton Bowl Dallas is committed to building and expanding parks. Last week, that commitment was further proven when former Texas State Senator and longtime Dallas residents, John and Helen Carona, committed $5 million to restore and renovate Cotton Bowl Plaza. The space will now be named in their honor as “Carona Plaza at Cotton Bowl Stadium”.


Fair Park both serves Dallas’ residents and puts Dallas on the world stage. Every year, Fair Park hosts special events, concerts, musicals, and festivals. Every summer, more than 10,000 Dallas residents visit Fair Park to pick up school supplies during the Back to School Fair. And every fall, the great State Fair of Texas, draws millions of people to Fair Park from all over the city, from across this region, and from around the world.

Dallas is grateful for this generous gift from John and Helen Carona, which will be the first symbolic step in transforming this sig- nature venue into something that will make Dallas proud.

Now, let’s go Rangers! Until next time.

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