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Crockett Statement on GOP Failure to Pass Continuing Resolution Bill to Prevent Government Shutdown

Rep. Jasmine Crockett

Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett (TX-30) released the following statement after House Republicans failed to pass a continuing resolution bill to prevent a government shutdown. Republicans have until the start of the new fiscal year, October 1, to pass a funding bill to keep the government open and functioning.

“Moments ago, Speaker McCarthy brought forth a partisan version of a continuing resolution bill to fund the government that not only was toxically partisan, but also had no chance at receiving the necessary support to avoid the looming catastrophe that is a government shutdown. And as result, members on both sides of the aisle voted against this bill, resulting in its failure on the floor.

“With each minute that passes, millions of Americans are preparing for irrevocable harm to their lives all because my colleagues are failing to live up to the agreement Congressional Republican Leadership made with President Biden this past May during Debt Ceiling negotiations.

“My Democratic colleagues and I understand that while we may not always be able to enact every legislative priority we support, we do know that the office we hold is one that requires a duty to the people. That there is power in putting people over partisanship—putting people over politics.  

“As a member of Congress who has already worked with Republicans in developing bipartisan, bicameral legislation, I want to continue this practice and work to meet my Republican colleagues halfway so that we can find common sense solutions for the country. We will not solve all of America’s problems in one day, nor will we change each other’s deep beliefs and values. But what should be clear to all of us right now is that no member of Congress or political party will “win” when failing to act causes significant harm and hardship to our constituents and the American people at large.      


“On a day where the Congress and the American people mourn the loss of a trailblazer with a commitment to bipartisan collaboration, I call on my Republican colleagues to work with me and my office to fund the government and perform the work the people elected us to do.”

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