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BLACK CARD: Big Mama said One Head Does Not Go into Council

Lucille “Big Mama” Allen’s playbook would place her in the White House’s as a domestic policy specialist. When I pull any of Lucille “Big Mama” Allen rules from her God-driven and God-inspired vocal ledger, I am guaranteed to influence someone else and definitely pass on wisdom from Big Mama that came to me on the back porch.

Big Mama, shared her unapologetically authentic wisdom rooted in her experiences as a Black woman. Her teachings, shaped by a lifetime of resilience, held profound significance for all of us — her children.

This latest recall is “one head does not go into council.” And so, she unfolded the essence of this adage in three ways:

Big Mama said Unity is the best solution to One Head. She said, “It’s easier for two people who help each other to solve a problem than for one person to tackle it alone.”

Big Mama biblically knew the power of collaboration. Today, as I sit and offer assistance to the leadership for the execution of an event, this wisdom echoes in the struggle against egos and ignorance, as the volunteers with valuable and different backgrounds attempt to work hand in hand with each other as the appointed “leadership disrespects offerings and privately dismantle their contribution to fit the servitude of her/his leadership.


It is a lesson in self-hatred, so prevalent throughout the country among Black people and the disbenefit is the diminished capacity to fill the event with all extended tribe members.

Big Mama also teaches us that ‘One Head Council’ is God’s way of telling us, “He who thinks he’s leading with no one following, is just taking a walk.”

Big Mama’s words conveyed the essence and the need for a solidarity. In the context of today’s activism, this rings true in the fight only when others are compliant and silent just to keep the peace over repairing the breach Bobby Williams speaks of in his book of the same name.

Our solidarity is just cowardice in the face of influence.

Paul Quinn President Micheal Sorrell shared with an audience of Black men that we have to do the work or suffer the consequences of a lost accountability.


“Two heads are better than one,” Big Mama often said. Her viewpoint on “One head” spoke to the value of diverse perspectives in problem-solving. In the real world of Black excellence her words resonate as we need to a) stop silos and egotistical barriers to greatness to let the Black diaspora collaborate across generations, sharing greater good insights to create ownership and generational business wealth among our $1.21 trillion dollar consumer nation and offer a more inclusive equity for so many Black people.

Big Mama’s forever wisdom, encapsulated in “One Head Does Not Go into Council,” remains a view of the light she carried Through her, I find solace and strength, facing adversity together with unity, shared purpose, and a deeper understanding of the power of togetherness.

Black folks wake up to this BOSS MOVE. Then email me at the paper, and tell me all about your ONE Head issue.

Terry Allen is an NABJ award-winning Journalist, DEI expert, PR professional and founder of the charity – Vice President at FocusPR, Founder of City Men Cook and Dallas Chapter President of

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