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WILLIAMS: What’s Next?

By E. Faye Williams

Many of us have been consumed with the antics of Donald Trump for far too long. It’s clear that those won’t end soon, but he seems to be in good hands now for us to believe justice will be served. He’s in good hands with Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is overseeing Trump’s case in Washington, D.C. She was appointed to her position by President Barack Obama. She doesn’t seem to be planning to keep us wondering how she will handle the trial. I don’t think his antics will work with her. 

He will have his day in court with no-nonsense District Attorney Fani Willis in Fulton County, Georgia. When Ms. Willis says she and her team are ready, she makes me feel that she has left no stone unturned. With the way Trump has been trying to taunt her with his lies about her, I have no doubt about her readiness.

When these two sisters have completed their job, Trump will have to face New York State Attorney General Tish James, who has been ready! Trump will have to go back to New York to see District Attorney Alvin Bragg. I don’t think his bat will help him there. E. Jean Carroll was awarded $5 million, finding that Trump sexually abused her, and she stands to receive $10 million more from Trump for his sexually abusing her and for battery and defamation.

If none of that has yet put him in jail, let’s start with his uncontrollable tongue repeatedly calling special counsel Jack Smith a deranged individual and a sick puppy. It seems that sometime next year, Mr. Smith will have the opportunity to get him through the jailhouse door! That’s what people I know are waiting for every time they hear Trump denigrating everybody, and almost daring them to appropriately punish this man as he continually taunts us with his ability to walk down 5th Avenue, shoot somebody, and get away with it. He’s got double digits of charges, and with all his bravado, he appears to be sweating up a storm these days.


Our justice system seems to be darned harsh for ordinary citizens — especially for Black people. There is no way to explain why Trump is not already locked up! We continue to hear, “no one is above the law,” yet many go on television and say things that make us wonder if they really think a former president shouldn’t be sent to jail or not be punished for such craziness. Some even say Trump should be pardoned. I just heard somebody say he probably won’t be jailed because of the expense of his being entitled to lifetime Secret Services protection and we, the taxpayers, will have to pay for it! Give me a break!

This man has done so much damage to this country that he deserves a life sentence. He’s even cheated so many MAGA followers who continue to send him money they can’t afford to send, but he has incited their ignorance so much that they would rather be broke and white because they think their whiteness makes them better than any person of color!

As for the rest of us, let’s treat everybody fairly. Let’s work for peace, for love, and pray for justice for not only Trump but for all of those involved in betraying the nation and for stirring up more hate and more ignorance than we’ve experienced in modern times.

Williams is president of The Dick Gregory Society (

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