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Quick tips for caring for your child’s natural hair

child’s natural hair
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By Defender News Service

Joi Light is a full-time marketing executive and mom who is showing women “you can still have a life after creating one.” Joi To MyWorld is a lifestyle blog she created, inspired by her journey as a working mom determined not to lose herself. She knows the hustle and bustle of a working mommy is never easy, especially when it comes to taking care of your child’s hair. Caring for natural tresses requires more time and attention and your child’s hair can be left damaged if you don’t treat it properly and begin a healthy regimen early on. Joi shared the tried and true tips that keep her daughter’s hair looking lovely.

Madame Noire (MN):  When it comes to natural hair, one product doesn’t fit all! What detanglers would you suggest for each hair type?

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Joi: I’ve tried TONS of different detangling products. So far, my favorite for my daughter’s type 4a natural hair are products from the Mane Choice kid’s line. I really mean this because they didn’t pay me to say it ha! I typically mix their moisturizer with a little bit of olive oil from the grocery store. I also recommend using a “Denman brush” and parting the hair into sections with a wide tooth comb. This makes it easier to detangle and less painful for [your daughter].


MN: How often should you trim your child’s ends?

Joi: I typically get my daughter’s ends clipped about as often as I use heat in her hair, which is about every 4 months.

MN: Some parents opt for a texturizer to “loosen the curl pattern.” What precautions should moms take when putting a texturizer on a kid’s hair?

Joi: I think that people try to sugar coat the word “texturizer” versus saying a “relaxer/perm.”  It’s still a chemical and still requires an extra amount of maintenance to prevent the hair from drying out or breaking off. I would say that if you are wavering between using one and not using one, don’t. However, if you have made your mind up and have committed to maintaining [a relaxer or texturizer], then take your child to a professional to get it done and watch for any warning signs of breakage.

MN: What are some tips for the days you are running late and don’t have time to comb their hair?


Joi: Ninety-nine percent of the time, I do my daughter’s hair the night before or keep it braided up. I barely have time to do my own hair in the morning, let alone her’s. My child’s hair requires tons of time that we just don’t have in the morning. I created a video about this with several cute hairstyles moms can do in no time.

MN: Moms know that natural hair is best for kids because it’s a lot healthier, but girls don’t always understand that and want perm-straight hair like some of their friends. How can moms get their daughters to embrace being natural?

Joi: Change their friends. Just, kidding! I think it’s important to instill self-love and a sense of self at an early age. I would explain that what works for someone else, might not work for her hair. I would also give the typical mom response, “ If so and so jumped off a building, would you?”

Visit Joi to My World, for more of Joi’s  mane taming tips and styles for natural hair kids.

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