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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Blasted for Installing Election Denier as Interim Attorney General

Gov. Abbott swears in John Scott as AG.
Gov. Abbott swears in John Scott as AG. courtesy of Gov. office

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa is speaking out regarding Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s appointment of former Texas Secretary of State John Scott as Interim Attorney General in the wake of impeached Attorney General Ken Paxton’s suspension.

Under Article 15, Section 5 of the Texas Constitution, Abbott appointed John Scott as the short-term interim AG.

“It’s very troubling that after a session of countless bills aimed at stripping Texans of their right to vote – particularly Texans in Harris County and other large, majority-Democratic counties – Greg Abbott would choose to install an election denier as Interim Attorney General. It’s especially tone-deaf right now, as a resurfaced video of Ken Paxton has gone viral in which Paxton admits to blocking millions of mail-in ballots in Texas in order to ensure a 2020 victory in Texas for Donald Trump. 

“We hope and expect that Interim Attorney General Scott will leave his dark, anti-democratic values behind him as he begins in his new role. We also pray he rejects the far-right, extremist, authoritarian notions of his now-impeached predecessor – not to mention his open, rank corruption – but we aren’t holding our breath. 

“Texas Democrats will continue to fight every day to ensure fairness and justice for all Texans – not just the ones who listen to Steve Bannon’s War Room.”


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