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Reggie Cannon Receives Backlash Over Kneeling

By Allana J. Barefield
Staff Writer 

FC Dallas player Reggie Cannon is getting a lot of backlash on social media. He said that fans are “disgusting” for booing and making racist comments regarding players who have been taking a knee during the national anthem. But MLS and owners of FC Dallas are defending Cannon on his comments.  

Fans were invited into the stands for FC Dallas matchup against Nashville SC and right away they not only booed but threw items onto the field to make it known they were not in support. Cannon said he didn’t understand this behavior since their fans support them playing but “when it comes to social injustice it’s a different story.” 

FC Dallas released a statement that the racist comments and death threats are “repulsive and unacceptable.” 

Cannon said, “You can’t even have support from your own fans in your own stadium. It’s baffling to me.”


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