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A Call for New Leadership – Intoducing Faith Johnson

Faith Johnson
Faith Johnson

I’m so excited to introduce myself to those of you I haven’t had the privilege to meet yet. 

I’m Faith Johnson and I’m running for Dallas County District Attorney. 

It is my great honor to be featured in the Texas Metro News, I Messenger and Garland Journal because these publications are a testament to the longstanding and deeply-rooted talent and thriving nature of the Black community. 

But there have been great injustices in our land and it is time for new leadership. This is not about politics, this is about our way of life.

The Black community has so much to offer our society and we cannot thrive and prosper if we are constantly buried under fear, oppression, and crime. 


Our county and our nation needs us like never before to rise up and step out to sow our many gifts and abilities into our county. 

That’s why I’ve decided to run for Dallas County District Attorney. 

Please see my website at for my extensive qualifications for the position. 

But today, I want to speak to you from my heart.

My love for this county and her people runs deep. I long to see justice truly served in this county because when justice, enforcement, and the rule of law reign, all our people have the opportunity to thrive.


Now, I’m talking about true justice and enforcement of the laws already codified and on the books. Our laws are solid. 

There may be a few that need adjusting and I’m committed to that process where it makes sense, but we need enforcement and to de-incentivize criminal activity. 

The current DA has activated and instituted policies that actually incentivize criminal activity and we are all feeling the consequences of that type of leadership. 

Our jails are overrun, understaffed, and falling apart. Our streets are plagued with violence and thievery because they know they can get away with it. 

Cowardice, corruption, or incompetence all yield the same result: more crime, more insecurity, more fear, which in turn drive higher stress in all of us until we snap or move somewhere else. 


Enough is enough. It’s time for bold, strong leadership for all of Dallas County, but especially for our Black communities. 

We have too much talent and too many wonderful things to offer this county to be buried under lawlessness. 

None of us want that.

Please take the time to get to know me between now and November 8th. 

I will absolutely be asking for your vote and asking you to share my message with your friends and family. 

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But more than that, I’m asking for your help. This county can be greater than ever—a shining place on a hill—but it will take every one of us. 

We must come together around the values we hold dear of safe, prosperous communities, and work together or we’ll never get to where we all long to be. 

Don’t take my word for it—talk to your neighbors, the shop owners, the small business owners—ask them if they feel safer. 

Ask your grandparents or your aunts and uncles about how they’ve seen the county change. 

Ask them if they feel safe to leave the house once the sun goes down. The policies and lack of enforcement by my opponent are not serving us and our great county — they’re killing it. 

Lawlessness does not bring freedom and it certainly doesn’t bring justice. It brings fear and death to us all. 

Join me as we get to work and make this county a safe place for you and your family to truly thrive! 

Have a blessed week! 

Most sincerely, 

Faith Johnson, your next Dallas County District Attorney.

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